Safe-Cut is a unique mobile cutting system for cutting steel plates using ultra high pressure water.

Designed specifically for cutting storage tank floors, roofs, and side shells of petroleum storage tanks.  Our mobile water jet cutting system can be used to cut pipes, vessels, concrete, asphalt, and fiberglass.  We also design and manufacture custom cutting tools that can used to cut through virtually anything.  Safe-Cut has many advantages when compared to conventional cutting means.  Most obvious is that the cold cutting process reduces the risk of fire. An added benefit is that the process generates no noxious fumes so other repair work inside the tank can continue without interruption.  Finally, the system is not labor intensive but gets the job done faster than conventional methods.  Safe-Cuts mobile ultra-high pressure water jet cutting service is safe efficient, fast, economical, and does no environmental damage.  Our mobile hydro cutting system is also highly automated and typically requires only a two to three-person crew.  Safe-Cut uses proven Ragworm technology.  The system and methods are patented worldwide and have been used to great benefit by both regional and international downstream petroleum and chemical sector companies.

Water jet cutting has been around for a long time and is widely recognized as a safe alternative.  But, until the introduction of this technology the methods have been both slow and labor intensive.  Now, the integration of ultra-high pressure water jet system with track mobile carriers has resulted in a system that is both fast and non-labor intensive.  No more oxy-acetylene torches or gouges and the accompanying risk of fire or explosion.  No more of the intense heat an noxious smoke that characterize conventional methods.

Problem Tanks

In the past, extraordinary methods and efforts were required to cut the floors out of tanks where the tank had been previously lined with fiberglass or epoxy flooring.  The tank had been repaired in the past by installing a second or even a third layer of bottom plate.  The tank has leaked an there is saturated soil under the tank bottom. 

Safe-Cut is the solution for all these jobs.  In one pass the system cuts through both tank cuttings and the bottom plate.  In one pass, the system cuts through two or more floor sections.  The fire and smoke production issue is resolved. When compared to conventional water jet cutting systems  the Safe-Cut system uses an order of magnitude less water and limits the disturbance of soil below the tank floor to a minimum.  With Safe-Cut it is safety first! 

Up to now, the cutting of steel bottoms of oil storage tanks has typically been performed using oxy-acetylene torches or gouges. Personnel exposure to noxious fumes and the risk of personal injury or asset loss as a result of fire or explosion are a key consideration requiring protective measures, much effort, and constant vigilance.  With Safe-Cut these risks are mitigated and the freed resources can be utilized for more productive tasks.

Safe-Cut changes the rules

Safe-Cut’s mobile cutters are highly automated.  They feature single or dual cutters and can either cut straight or curved sections.  The cutters, pumps, hoses, and reels are all configured for to facilitate rapid setup and rig down.  The individual cutting nuzzles can cut through ¼” plate at speed up to 2.5’ per minute in real world working conditions.  With a mobile cutter equipped with dual cutting nozzles the system can churn out 5’ per minute of cut plate.  The mobile cutters are tracked and move under hydraulic power.  They are fully steerable and bi-directional.  That means the system spends less time getting lined up for a cut and more time doing real work.  The produced cut is complete, clean, and straight, not jagged, uneven, and partially cut as handheld water jet are prone to be.  Similarly, the level of noise, water run-off, and spray are reduced by an order of magnitude when compared to traditional handheld water jet cutters.  This, plus the fact that no smoke is generated means that work in other parts of the tank can continue undisturbed.

The many uses of Safe-Cut

Safe-Cut’s focus in on storage tanks, particularly tank bottoms.  With alternative configuration the system can be easily be adapted to cutting storage tank roofs and walls.  Our mobile water jet system is also designed for precision pipe cutting.  Safe-Cut system can also cut through materials like concrete, asphalt, and fiberglass, just to name a few.  There are additional applications of this mobile UHP water jet cutting system.  For example, ships decks, rig and production platform decks, pontoon and barge decks, custom large section cuts, specialty cutting in hazardous environments.

Getting the job done right

Whether the job is large or small, we stand ready to provide you with the best cold cutting service available.  We can help you achieve efficient turn-a-rounds with a focus on accident prevention and risk avoidance.  We can work with, or for, major tank construction contractors.  With Safe-Cut, you get clean, flame-free cuts that generate steel scrap in custom sizes to suit removal and disposal.  We can provide our services under terms suitable for the scale of work, from daily rates for small jobs, to cost per unit cut-rates for large jobs.  Surprises are not a problem.  Our quotes can be tailored so that if a bottom that was presumed to be single plate turns out to be double plate, you know what rates will be charged in advance. 

When you want professional results without compromise, call on Mass Technology Corporation.  We’ll not only take care of our work scope with all the benefits our UHP mobile cutting service offers, but also work with your contracting team to get the job done right.