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Mobile Cold Cutting Services


Single-pass mobile cold cutting using ultra-high pressure water jet technology for cutting storage tank floors, roofs and side-shells.

Precision cutting of steel, concrete, asphalt, fiberglass, tank linings, pipe, etc. Dismantle above ground storage tanks.  Cut through multiple materials and layers in a single pass.  The cut is precise, safe, efficient, and fast.  Our exclusive Ragworm robotic system uses very little water and abrasive so that it is easy on the environment and produces virtually no cleanup task. Primary deployment is cutting bulk crude oil storage tanks but can be adapted and used in many industrial applications, fiberglass, and concrete, multiple layers of substrates, asphalt, and vessels.  Cold hydro cutting is safe in virtually all hazardous environments.  The efficiency of this cutting method makes this an economical solution for dismantling storage tanks, refineries, and handling other industrial cutting requirements.



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Benefits of Hydro-Jet Cutting

Safe-Cut’s exclusive Ragworm ultra-high pressure water jet cutting systems produce no additional risk of fire, generate no noxious fumes, are not labor intensive and they get the job done faster than conventional methods.  Because our process uses only a fraction of the water and abrasive of other water cutting systems, there is very little waste to clean up.  With no fire hazard, other crews can work inside the tank while Safe-Cut is working.  Our custom cutting applications can be readily adapted for automated cuts in non-conventional arrangements; cut the storage tank shell above the wall ring or cut off a storage tank roof.  We can handle it all.  Multi-layer floors and coatings are cut in a single pass. We cut steel, fiberglass, concrete, glass, multiple layers of substrates, asphalt, and all metals.  Fast, clean, precision cuts mean that all our work is Safe, Efficient, Economical, Automated, and Eco-friendly.


Safe-Cut currently works primarily in the oil field industry, but our exclusive Ragworm technology can be adapted to many situations, in many industries.  We custom design cutting tools for special projects.  Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting is perfect for any number of materials, concrete, asphalt, granite, glass, fiberglass, plastics, and all types of metal.  We cut pipe, plate, billets, rods, bar stock, slabs, and multi-layer laminates.  Safe-Cut can customize a cutting system for your exact need.  Call 903-986-8386.